A Redesign, 5 Years Coming

It’s been 5 years since Floating Cube Studios first set up in Singapore and Saigon. We’ve gone though quite a bit since then: built apps for clients a couple hundred times our size, saw the evolution (and ever-escalating war) between Android, iOS and their respective app stores, and finally launched of a couple apps of our own, to varying degrees of success.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that we (finally) have a new web site, with special thanks to FCS’s design team (and specifically, Cong, who saw through the development of this from conception to deployment).

In many ways, this post is yet-another-random-firm’s-prognostication-while-announcing-something-boring-like-a-new-website blog post. Probably nobody will read this. But I want to pause here to note that we’re currently in the midst of a change. Floating Cube’s been through 5 years of app store exuberance. Those early years of the mobile rush – along with the optimism and easy successes – are long past.

Hieu, the technical lead, Trung, the design lead, and I are currently seeing through a change in direction for Floating Cube’s next few years. Asia is still at the cusp of a digital revolution unlike anything the West has ever seen. If you think of the first 20 years of the Internet as belonging to the West, then I’d wager the next 20 will see wide-scale changes in the wake of spreading information technology – and that most of the changes that matter will occur in Asia.

Being in Singapore and Vietnam thus gives us a unique opportunity: we’ll be in the centre of these changes – or at least a short flight away from most of them. But saying that is the easy part. Building a company to take advantage of that uncertain future is our real challenge.

Here’s to seeing how it goes.

Cedric – Project Manager,
Floating Cube Studios

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