EPOS Product Engineer

Floating Cube is a Singaporean company with a presence in Vietnam since 2009. We make EPOS – a point-of-sale and business management platform with over 100 customers in Singapore. Our current technical challenges include shifting our system from web to native apps (JS/Python -> C#) and to faster, more performant servers (Python -> Golang), from the ground up, while developing new products in the self-service kiosk and business intelligence space.

In the past, we made beautiful, polished mobile apps for global clients, including MNCs such as Citibank and Louis Vuitton. We’ve been doing this since 2009. We specialise in consumer-facing apps, and have over 30 apps in the Google and iOS App Stores under our own brands.

Reasons you’ll love us

Unlike many companies in Vietnam, we’re not an outsourcing company or a service company (we don’t build apps for outside companies). We build actual products that we own, for real customers that we talk to.

This allows us to do a few things that we couldn’t, as a service company.

We do code reviews on a weekly basis, and execute product iterations no more than 6 weeks in length. All our engineers have monthly learning goals, worked out by a manager. We also care that our engineers get a feel for the users that we’re building for, so we send a different Vietnamese engineer to Singapore every month to talk to users and to oversee actual product deployments.

We expect new hires to constantly learn new technologies and new techniques as applied to our current problems, and fully welcome opinions on the implementation of our current products.

Dinner is provided by the company. As is basic healthcare insurance (inpatient and outpatient coverage). Come say hi!

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