Floating Cube Studios was founded in 2009. We build beautiful, hand-crafted mobile apps in Asia, for markets all over the world.

Client Work

We currently offer mobile app development for our clients. We develop natively on Android, iPhone and iPad, have built HTML5 cross-platform apps for clients, and maintain server side deployments for mobile apps with over 200,000 daily active users.

Our track record speaks for itself: we’ve built more than 40 mobile applications for Citibank internationally, and our clients include major U.S. non-profits, luxury brands (e.g. LVMH), and other MNCs.

We understand Design, User Experience and Human Interface Interaction.

Apple has featured our applications multiple times, in 57 countries, in numerous categories such as “What’s Hot”, “Hottest New Games”, and “New and Noteworthy”. We were early to the app world: our most popular game, Friendsheep HD, reached the #2 most downloaded application globally on the App Store when it first launched in 2010. (That was 40k downloads on day 1, 300k downloads in the first 2 weeks). Friendsheep was a successful side project for us; we’ve been building apps ever since.

Product Work

We spend a significant portion of our time building products we want to see in the world. Some of these products are games, others are apps that we build to solve our own problems.

We are practitioners of disciplined process and company-wide improvement: we hold weekly iteration meetings, perform user testing, and conduct weekly code reviews. We think the ability to build and ship product is incredibly important in emerging digital markets in Asia. We’re currently working to be one of the best-executing mobile-first teams in the region.

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