App Development Internships

If you’re a university student in Ho Chi Minh City, we’d love to have you as a software engineering intern at Floating Cube. This internship will take place in District 7, where our development offices are located. We don’t expect prior knowledge of any of the platforms we work on: we are prepared to train you from scratch in order to get you up to speed on the latest in mobile app development and the specific frameworks that we use.

Over the course of your internship, you will lay out the foundation for the future generation of products at EPOS, our suite of business software, designed to help small businesses in Singapore work better.

We expect some proficiency in English. Our team structure is flat – which means we take ideas and suggestions from everyone, and would work with you on choosing projects that you are excited about.


  • Current stack: JS (web frontend), Python (web backend), C# (native apps), and Java (our Android and kiosk apps).
  • Postgresql and Ubuntu for our servers.
  • Future stack: JS (web frontend), Go (web backend), C# (native apps), Java (Android + kiosk apps). Note: We’re looking for software generalists, and are not particularly attached to any one programming language. If you think a better language/approach is warranted, persuade us ;-).
  • We keep our code versioned with Git.
  • We also Aeropress our coffee.
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