Do you realize you spend quite a lot of time at the office? It’s even more than the time you stay at home if don’t calculate sleeping time. Therefore, we believe the office is an important factor effect directly to employee performance. Day by day, we invest in office more and more to help our members feel as comfortable as possible.


Our office is in district 4 which is one of districts in center of Ho Chi Minh city, so easy for traffic. In additional, we have convenience location with so much food store and street vendor around.  Our office offers a comfortable working environment where employees’ convenient is prioritized.

Address: Floor 2, 258 Ton Dan, ward 8, district 4, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

Equipment and Infrastructure

Floating Cube Studios proud of our office not only have modern equipment but also bring friendly and warmly vibe like your family. We always hope and try to make you feel fulfilled and happy in working area.