Floating Cube Studios has been in Saigon since 2009. This career playbook is a collection of observations and lessons from our years of experience building software in Saigon. Over this period, we’ve worked with a lot of fresh graduates (as well as interns!) and have given the advice listed below repeatedly.

This guide is meant for the new software engineer in Vietnam, or the IT student looking to start his or her career. Feel free to share it with your friends – this is one small way we’re giving back to Saigon’s tech ecosystem.

  1. The Value Chain of Software Companies in Vietnam
  2. Salary vs Growth?
  3. Profit Centres vs Cost Centres
  4. Learning Many Frameworks vs Specialising in One
  5. The Value of Side Projects
  6. How to be a successful intern
  7. Dealing with change in the IT industry
  8. The 3 skillsets: Programming, Design, Product
  9. Working in a big company vs a small company: which?
  10. Working backwards from your goals
  11. Software is eating the world
  12. The future of software in Vietnam