🎁 Loyal bonus in cash from the 4th year work (4% – 10% of gross salary).

🎁 Point bonus in cash equivalent to the point achieve while perform the task.

🎁 Super Loyalty bonus in cash after 5 years work here (300 mil – 500 mil depend on each level).

🎁 Holiday reward, birthday reward, 13th-month salary, etc.


🎁 Refund 50% cost buy laptop / macbook after 1 year work.

🎁 Snacks, tea, and coffee are ready to serve.

🎁 Onsite Singapore


🎁 Employee have 14 day leave per year and additional 1 day per year working.

🎁 Employees have new born child can take some days/ week to work from home.

🎁 Female Employee can work from home or leave early on period days.


🎁 Social + Health + Unemployment insurance on full gross salary.

🎁 Full medical insurance: inpatient and outpatient coverage from Liberty Insurance Ltd, in addition to the mandatory government public insurance.


🎁 Board game, Tech talk.

🎁 Happy hour (weekly), Retrospective and happy birthday (monthly).

🎁 Team building, Company trip, Year-end party, etc.